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Rewritting Mahara

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07 November 2011, 11:49


We have reviewed the almost every Wiki document listed, and have written a number of posts about the "code" design and documentation. In either response or none at all, the project (Mahara) seems to be in limbo! There's no maintainer for specific pieces of code, or code has simply been written by a "ghost!"

No one of the Mahara group or "partners" seem able to explain errors, or failures within the platform, but each seem to contribute! Code has either been rewritten to disbar expansion or to reinvent the wheel. I've also studied the Gitorious streams (what is going on!) If the code designer has a development platform, and the code designer is writting a piece of code to be used, why are the code fragments being submitted "untested;" Meaning that the Git team should only be testing "production-ready" pieces!" Therefore, we're going to fracture a test platform and rewrite the entire platform with documentation!

Frankly, with so many "partners" claiming to be experts in contribution, how did the project go from version "0" to "1" without documentation of each coded piece?! Unfortunately, we feel that "forward progress" is progress; not reinventing the wheel and then incrementing the version number! Reviewing the copywrite dates, and the number of partners claiming to be experts, I would have assumed the project to be at version 4 rather 1.4 progressing to version 1.5. The Mahara group may want to consider expiring some of the current "contributors" or "partners" for a software project management administration.

Thank you

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