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Feature suggestion: email gateway to Journal

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01 November 2011, 7:08

Has this idea already been explored somewhere? I remember a blog from Penny Leach some time ago, but haven't really seen anything since.

How difficult would it be to enable a user to email their default Journal (e.g. [email protected]) with a message that could have attachments, which would be added to the user's files area?

I think that spam could be avoided by specifying sender email addresses (perhaps the addresses  the user adds to their profile)

This would enable:

  • Generic mobile upload (no need for Maharadroid, or nonexistant "iMahara" or "Maharaberry")
  • Ability to redirect emails that could be reference testimonials, evidence of good communication, files from others or quick thoughts for later curation

I'm curious about initial thoughts from the community..advisabilty, feasibility, alternatives, etc.

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01 November 2011, 7:22

Hi Don,

As it happens, I suggested this back in July - just after MaharaUK11.

It's been discussed a little in the feature proposals forum:

My biggest concern is the security of it, but I have made some suggestions on how to mitigate against these issues.


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01 November 2011, 8:57

Thanks Andrew!

I'll go jump in there.

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