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Mahara in portuguese!

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31 October 2011, 13:13


I'm portuguese teacher, master degree student of Education and Multimedia Comunication and I want to try using Mahara 1.4 with my students (10 - 12 years old).

It's possible?

Thanks a lot.

David Pereira

31 October 2011, 15:30

Holà David,

Of course you can use Mahara with K12 learners and teachers. I suggest you to read and take part to the pedagogy forum (

I encourage you to acquire Ellen Marie Murphy's book "Mahara 1.4 cookbook" ( in which you will find examples of activities in K12 situations.

Nota Ellen Marie Murphy is also on this web site (

Welcome to Mahara


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31 October 2011, 16:59

Hi David,

If you are interested in contributing to a portuguese translation of Mahara, let us know.

Translations can now be easily done through a web interface:



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31 October 2011, 20:34

David, go for it. Here in NZ we have large numbers of students of this age using Mahara (see You could even have a look around this site and join a few of the teacher foums if you wanted to learn from peers. Just let me know.



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09 January 2012, 23:32


Yes It is possible, I have used Mahara 1.4. really its awesome.

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