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20 October 2011, 5:49

My RSS feed to the reputable BBC has not updated since I made it a week ago - is there any setting or changes I need to make to ensure this happens or tell the Admin person? Very important for my English lessons.

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20 October 2011, 6:36

Sounds like cron might not be running?

As a quick fix, you can run it yourself by going to this URL:

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22 October 2011, 12:42


I have noticed that on our installation, the CRON may be written to update RSS feeds once an hour, but it actually does it once a day. If CRON is running, type in the RSS URL into the web browser's address bar. If it pulls up XML code, then the RSS feed XML is mis-configured and will be reconfigured when the maintainer of the RSS feed corrects it or the if the feed itself updates with new content where the meta characters change; Whereby removing any CDATA or PCDATA that might be causing parsing failures.

Thank you.

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