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Dashboard gives "page not found" error

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18 October 2011, 7:40

Good morning! I have an odd error I haven't been able to figure out. Our Mahara site seems to be working just fine, but one student is having a problem -- her dashboard fails to load, prompting a "page not found" error from the browser. Since this is the first thing she's sent to, that's a problem. I can "login as..." her, and can navigate to any other of her pages but the dashboard. I found the "View" (Page) database entry for her dashboard (stealing the # from links to it), and compared it to mine (which, of course, works), and they're identical. Unfortunately, I have no idea how this page is built in code, so I don't know what else to look at to see what might be corrupted.

· Mahara version 1.4.0 (2011061002) (SSO from Moodle 1.9.13)

· Windows Server 2008, with current Apache/PHP/MySQL

Any ideas, or where I might look next?


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18 October 2011, 16:25

Hi Jeffrey,

You'll probably find the answer appears in your webserver error log when you try to navigate to the dashboard.

If you can't access the error log for some reason, have a look at the block_instance database table (with the same view id) and see which blocks are in the view, and if they're different to yours.


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27 October 2011, 15:43


Just wanted to poke back in and let you know what happened, since you were so kind to respond. Overnight, the problem simply disappeared, so whatever Mahara had gotten indigestion from was gone. I did check the views for blocks, and they were the same, but never got around to peaking at the error logs (I do have access to them). It’s moot now.

Thanks again!

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