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Print.css file bug 692769

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09 October 2011, 12:11

I created a new print.css file for raw (see bug 692769).

The main problem that I ran into was that the tpl code (header/head.tpl) reads the print stylesheet from the theme instead of from raw and then the theme as the regular style sheet is (including allowing plugins to create their own print style sheets).  I could not figure out how to fix that part of it, so I hard coded the link to the print style sheet in my local version.

If somebody knows how to fix the header/head.tpl file to automatically read the correct print style sheets, that would be great.

Also, my testing was not extensive (firefox, dashboard, profile, view, and collections).  I am an individual, so I don't have a lot of user views and collections to use as test data.  The print file I created is attached to the bug, if anybody was to install and test it.

Have a good day.

Melissa Newman

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