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Submit a group view, locking

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08 October 2011, 7:27


At my university we have a Mahara 1.3 installation. I work with students in small groups. I want each group (3-4-5-6 students) to work in a single shared View (a group view) and teh submit that view to the course group (actually, into a moodle 1.9 mahara-assignment).

From what I see in the code View submission is USER based, not group based. The locking of view artefacts is done through view "owner". But Group views has no owner.

Is this correct? Or it is a mis-appreciation?

Is there a way to lock actefacts in a group-view (free user created group) submitted for assessment into a controlled group?

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09 October 2011, 16:42

Hi Enrique, you're right, group views can't be submitted yet, and the "owner" column on the view and artefact columns is always an individual user (it's a badly named column, from before there were such things as group views).

After a quick look at the locking stuff, it doesn't seem like it'd be hard to modify that update_locked() function to deal with group views & artefacts as well.  It would be interesting to hear how you get on if you decide to give it a try.

There may be a few things to think about first.  Like whether you should be able to submit a group view to its own group?  Should you be able to submit a group homepage view to a group?  Will files in the submitted group view appear as locked in "Group Files" (hopefully they will, without having to modify anything further).

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