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Using Advanced TinyMCE

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03 October 2011, 6:57

How do I tell Mahara to use the Advanced Theme for TinyMCE?  Also, where is the initialization for TinyMCE handled that can allow custom plugins to be turned on and turned off?

I have been doing some poking around, and the solution to the image problem in TinyMCE (not being able to access images from the file area) is to just convert the standard ImageBlock Mahara plugin as a TinyMCE plugin.  But I am a bit confused as to where exactly the call to TinyMCE begins (how it is initialized and how it determines how to use which theme).  I know that TinyMCE is used in blogs (journals) and pages as well as everywhere else there is text to add.

I also know that when this issue is solved it will be very easy to solve my second issue of the page links.   Create a TinyMCE plugin that brings up the page list dialog.  Select the page, add the appropriate text, and the link is created.

The call is supposed to be TinyMCE.init {



But I cannot find this call.  I know that I am missing something obvious.



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04 October 2011, 4:26

Based on the updates you put on the tracker, I take it you have found what you were looking for in the end?



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04 October 2011, 10:07

Yes.  I did a search for Advanced TinyMCE in the forums, and came upon the discussion of the Fullscreen bug and somebody mentioning that file.  Once I realized that was the file I was looking for, I started investigating the various buttons and plugins that were not setup by default in Mahara.  I came across the "fullscreen" plugin, tested it, and discovered that it worked (at least for firefox).

There are actually a bunch of preincluded buttons and plugins that would be useful to Mahara.  When I am done with my testing, I can post a list of the ones that I tested and would recommend.


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