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Sending of Email Disabled Issue

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26 September 2011, 11:10

Sending of email to your account has been disabled. You may re-enable your email from the account preferences page.
I get the above message on my Notifications page even though email is indeed checked.

I think this is a minor issue where even if you have email enabled it still says it is not. 
Any solutions?
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26 September 2011, 11:16

I forgot to mention this is a 1.4 clean setup.  I just installed it about a week ago using the latest download. 

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26 September 2011, 16:18

Chris, you're probably being confused by the name of that setting, which unfortunately says the opposite of what it should say; see

If so, you're not the first one to find that bug, it's fixed for 1.5, but we should submit the same fix for 1.4.1 too.

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27 September 2011, 7:31

Thank you Richard.  We are just getting back into Mahara after piloting several other portfolio ideas.  None work quite like Mahara!  I think we have piloted several versions of Mahara and 1.4 is VERY much improved from a user perspective.  I can tell there has been a big focus on user navigation and making it simple to find and do things in Mahara.  That was the one thing that our Mahara pilot revealed in the past is that students found it akward to make portfolios and add content to Mahara in a K-12 environment. 

I really like the tight integration with Moodle! 

Thank you for your time.

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