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Using Mahara for PDP's

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26 September 2011, 5:48


The one school within our university is to start using Mahara for PDP's for first year students and we are looking to put a basic PDP template page together to which departments can add should they feel the need to include additional files/reflections etc. We wondered if anyone out there has done something similar and would have any advice on this matter for us.

Many thanks

Elaine Cobb

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28 September 2011, 20:18

Hi Elaine,

what is a PDP?

Some of our schools generate collections into which they put files to download, and forms to fill out which the students update over a period of time and then submit to advisor groups. The process how mahara handles this movement of pages and collections is very slick in my mind and staff are often impressed as well. Some staff struggle with the concept of individual ownership of content, especially after a page or collection has been released back to the student. Unless a student explicitly shares something, staff have no access to what they had seen before or commented on. Interestingly, when its an adult-to-adult transfer of pages or collections for feedback, this does not seem to be an issue.
Hope that helps 

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29 September 2011, 4:24

Hi Dirk

Many thanks for your response. A PDP is a student's Personal Development Plans. We do have some groups using the software in the way you are describing and fortunately so far we do not seem to have had any problems with students not sharing content with staff, perhaps it is because to date it has always been first year students who want to ensure they are following instructions.

In terms of the PDP we are guided by the QAA in terms of their recommendations for a PDP and were wondering if other universities had set up any PDP's on Mahara following similar guidelines. We do have some starting thoughts including CV; Journal including reflection on assessment feedback and target setting,  exit routes and careers; and a folder into which any relevant documentation could be added.




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