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Video Format: 3GPP file format

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22 September 2011, 7:25


I had a member of staff take a video with their Blackberry, which is 3GPP file format. The video uploads accordingly to their Mahara files area, but when they go to create a page and try and embed media from files area the video does not show up.

I know there are free 3GP video converters but we dont want staff or students using additional software for their videos.

Can anyone assist me with this format? We are using Mahara 1.4



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22 September 2011, 19:11

Hi Ali,

Unfortunately, the video player we use in Mahara ( only supports .FLV and .MP4 files.



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11 November 2011, 5:59

Francois, I'll echo this.

I've only just discovered this limited support. We should be able to embed any HTML5 standard video formats. We use OGG regularly, and also WebM. Those are standard HTML5 formats - should be supported.




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