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Change in dns of a mahara installation

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21 September 2011, 15:05

Hi people,
in my institution we're going to change the dns of a mahara's installation.
My doubt is if after the change all the views will continues working fine, because i don't know if mahara gets the absolute path url of the installation to link the local resources or get the relative path.

And in what table/s of the database I should look to see the url of the local resources and files uploaded by users?

Thanks in advance

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21 September 2011, 18:40

Hi Antonio,

If you change the URL of your Mahara installation, you may have to update the wwwroot value in two places:

  1. in your config.php file
  2. in the database (SELECT * FROM config WHERE field = 'wwwroot';)



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22 September 2011, 1:16


i will do

thanks for your help

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