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Using teaching documents from moodle to create a individual learner portolio in mahara

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14 September 2011, 5:17

Hi all. First of all thank you for you looking at my conundrum and any help or advice you can give. Any help in pointing me on theright track or where i am going wrong would be most appreciated. Im new to mahra and your forums so apologise if i have not given enough detail or posted in slightly the wrong topic area.

So to bussiness.....

I am using Moodle as a teaching resource and have different activity sheets for the learners to access and complete. Rather than having the learners print of theese completed activities I planned on using the integration we have avaliable to Mahara to upload the completed saved files to a portfolio.

What I am trying to achieve is a place where files can be uploaded to create a portfolio for each of the units I teach for each learner within a sepific course.So that any of the documents, videos etc they have uploaded can only be viewed by them selves and the lecturers only.

I have tried to do this by creating a group for the subject which learners can then request access to. Within this group I then have a homepage which has a seperate page for each unit. The problem is the options avaliable do not seem to include a file upload option which will allow the lerners to upload there documents to the page so the are only visible to themselves and the lecturers. I have set thesecurty options within the group and also trawled the Mahara resources to figure this out.

Im not sure at this point if i am not quite getting the point of Mahara and trying to use it incorrectly wth Moodle or if there are certain options which need setting by the administrator?


Kind regrds, shaun

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15 September 2011, 21:13

Well, we're not using it that extensively yet, but if I understand Mahara correctly, you'd be looking at the following:

Students download the assignemtns from moodle, and upload them to their mahara artefact (now content) area.

Students create a view for each unit, adding in those documents, along with anything else.

Students submit a view to moodle as an assignment. This step doesn't yet work with Moodle 2; but in lieu of submitting a view, they could just set the view to allow the instructor to view it, or could email the instructor a link to it, or post it in a forum that allows replies but not reading-- so that the urls given would be private to the instructors.

I'm not sure of the advantage that mahara gives you in this case though. Activity sheets can be done all in moodle with the upload assignment type; simpler all around.

Mahara is better for those cases where the content will be reused; so if the assignment was to create a business plan, or compose a song, Mahara would be a good place for it because they could later point a potential employer to it as a sample of their work.

hope this helps,


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