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Problema de instalacion

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13 September 2011, 10:41

He instalado mahara en el hosting pero no entiendo por que razon no me da una mensaje de error en la pagina, Desearia abrir un e-portafolio para una serie de estudiantes sin embargo no comprendo bien como configurarlo todo para anexar a los demas estudiantes. He leido varios tutoriales  y hecho lo que dicen con relacion a la instalacion. 

I installed on the hosting mahara do not understand why no one gives me error message on the site, would like to open an e-portfolio for a number of students but do not quite understand how to configure it to append to all other students. I have read several tutorials and madewhat they say with regard to the installation. 

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13 September 2011, 21:52

Unfortunately, given that your hosting provider has disabled the very feature that could help you diagnose any problems, I don't think there's much we can do :(

You might want to try using a different hosting company.



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