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Cannot login on two seperate computers running XP & IE7 on hosted service (FolioSpaces) running Mahara 1.4

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08 September 2011, 23:56

One of the teachers currently participating in our eLearning Facilitation Program is having issues logging into FolioSpaces (our Institution is hosted on this site) which is running Mahara 1.4 on his laptop. He successfully logged into the site on the same laptop at our initial face to face session held on 12/8/11 (which was the day before the upgrade to 1.4). Since then he has been unable to login on his laptop which is running Windows XP & IE7.

Michael is able to login on the computers in our training room (running Windows 7 & IE8) at Penrith & also on a computer at our Strathfield location (also Windows 7 & IE8).

We have just replicated this issue on another laptop which is also running Windows XP & IE7 & Michael was also unable to login.

The login button does not respond when clicked & as such he cannot login on either of these laptops.

Can you please advise if this a known issue?

I have reported this to FolioSpaces & was wondering if anyone on has any idea why this is happening.

Would be thankful for any advice you can offer – I have suggested that Michael upgrade his browser & possibly operating system & or try using Firefox or another browser instead to see if this fixes the problem.

Can provide screen shots of the issue if required.




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