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08 September 2011, 5:12 AM

Hello Everybody,

We have been working with Mahara very closely during the last two months, in which we discovered the great potential and the great architecture it’s built on

But we have two things in mind,

1. Documentation, we suffered badly when wanted to change the system, specifically we it came to debugging, we hope there are some improvements in the debugging mechanism of the system

2. RTL issues, Mahara assumes very often LTR layout which caused much trouble for us. We will be more than happy share some ideas regarding this.

One last thing, wish we can find a better documentation for Pieforms since it’s a critical part of Mahara but it’s under documented and regarding the calendar we wish we can have better one (we had to translate it otherwise it will crash)

Please visit and check out the changes we made to mahara and its integration with moodle web services


Mohammad Abu Musa

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12 September 2011, 8:54 PM

Thanks for your comments.

Documentation-wise, the biggest problem we (developers) have is that we know Mahara well, so we're never exactly sure what sort of things people would need to get started more quickly.

So what would be really good for us is if someone could help us make a list of what is missing. Please add your ideas to this wiki page:


As for the RTL issues, again we need a bit of help because we just don't know enough about these languages. Could you help us flesh out the changes that would be needed to improve RTL support in Mahara?

I have started a wiki page for this here:

Please feel free to add anything you think is appropriate.



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13 September 2011, 12:07 PM

Thanks François we will sure to keep you posted on the wiki pages you provided. Thanks for you help and support

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14 September 2011, 7:48 AM

Add my suggestions to the page you indicated for documentation ideas.

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