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Change the View URL from ?id=3 to ?user=johnpower

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07 September 2011, 23:50


Mahara generated View URL automatically.

Does anyone know how to change it from to

where johnpower is the user login name to Mahara system?


Best Rgds,


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29 September 2011, 0:16

Hi Rocky,

May I know on which place you want to replace the view URL?

I have tried to apply it on the 'Profile' sideblock in my mahara site, by changing in following code.

I changed in the file mahara//theme/raw/templates/sideblocks/profile.tpl and replace the line <a href="{$WWWROOT}user/view.php?id={$}"> for the link with '<a href="{$WWWROOT}user/view.php?username={$sbdata.username}">' in the first div and it is working. You can try at the place where you want to use it in your mahara system.

Hope that Help.


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