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Add a home to a collection/navigation

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28 August 2011, 12:51

Apologies if this question was asked in the forums. I looked but could nto find the answer.

I am trying to create a protfolio with naviagtion to the different elements on seperate views. I was able to create the collection and add the navigation to my portfolio:

However, I cannot figure out how to add a home or back button. It seems if my students sent this to a potential recruiter a leyperson could easily get lost in the navigation.

How do I add a home button to a navigation? I could not figure out how to add the profile view to my collection.




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29 August 2011, 8:01

Hi Greg:

I'm assuming that by "Home" you mean the Profile Page. The user can't tell what the link is to the Profile page (another user can tell him/her, by checking the URL after clicking on their name) and it doesn't appear as a choice in Collections.

I think the reason for this is because the Profile Page is intended more as a learning community profile sharing mechanism rather than a public portal page (despite being able to make the page public).

It took us a while to integrate this into our we recommend that learners share things like learning preferences  and interests on their Profile page, and then create collections for particular puposes: learning assignment, graduation capstone, employability, etc.

Keeping the Profile Page out of these makes things a lot easier, regardless of whether the Profile Page itself is public.

A further note: I was also a bit frustrated that once a page is selected for one collection, it cannot be selected for another. The answer is to publish multilevel collections for the pages that need them: higher level pages, detail pages, etc.

Hope this helps.

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29 August 2011, 12:05



Thanks. This worked perfectly. We will keep the profile view private to logged in users and I then created a view titled my portfolio with a navigation element to all the other views.



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