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Edit Page has no subtabs after 1.3.6-1.4.0 upgrade

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27 August 2011, 19:37

I recently ran an upgrade from a 1.3.6 to a 1.4.0 Some features of 1.4 are there and others are not. In particular, the horizontal tabs 'Edit Content', 'Edit Title and Description', 'Edit Layout' 'Display page »' and 'Share page »' are not there.Some language strings also do not work properly.

Only 5 or so tables upgraded during the process and I foolishly did not take notes on which ones.

Re-running the upgrade produces 'Nothing to upgrade! You are fully up to date!' How can I force the upgrade process to 'think' that its not up to date? Is there documentation that tells me what tables should get updated during this upgrade? What are my options? Thanks

System: Debian, Mysql


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28 August 2011, 1:15

To answer my own question:

/theme/raw/templates/header.php was the culpit. Replacing the 1.4.0 version with the 1.3.6 version of this file fixed it for me while using a custom theme.

It seems the 1.4 version is using <table id="main-wrapper"> where the 1.3 version is using <div id="main-wrapper"> and some new code which makes the difference to me.

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