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24 August 2011, 9:43


Is there any way to be able to setup a group journal within Mahara (even some kind of workaround)?

Basically, one of our lecturers want a different student each week to contribute to a class blog and that class is setup as a group.

Anyone any suggestions?


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24 August 2011, 10:34

Hi and greetings from Germany,

there is no group journal, but I think a good workaround would be to create a dummy user. If all group members know the password they can create a posting and embed this into a page.



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25 August 2011, 3:02

Thanks Heinz,

The problem for this is if they wanted to submit a group portfolio with the journal as part of this. There is no way to pull the blog into the group portfolio/files/pages.

Another option would be to have the ability to add one of your blog entries to a group page (like you can add your own files).

I've added a feature request in the hope that this can be looked at.

Thanks again anyway

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