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Image Gallery - no "Show Description""

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24 August 2011, 6:27

I like the image gallery a lot. It's a great way to provide visual evidence, either as a sequence or as a thumbnail index.

But I notice that theĀ  "Show Description" option available on single images is not available in the Gallery. To see descriptions of individual images, you have to click on each image and open it in a new window, which is not very usable.

I think curating images with brief desciptions is very valuable, and showing curated images in sequence (ie slideshow) can build a compelling story.

What are the difficulties/downsides of adding this capability to the Image Gallery?

I can think of one potential difficulty: what to do with the other main option: thumbnails. Descriptions would look very odd attached to these. But I think a compromise could be found for this.

Comments? I'm happy to add this to the bug tracker if it makes sense. I'm hoping it would be relatively straightforward to accomplish.

Don Presant's profile picture
Posts: 255

25 August 2011, 10:51

(Reply to self)

I've submitted this as a feature request in the bug tracker:

Please follow up there if you'd like to see this. Commenting will increase its priority.

BTW, I guess I should have introduced this in the Developers Forum..I'll know next time.

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