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Upgrade from 1.12 to 1.40, is it possible?

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23 August 2011, 6:24

Hi All,

    We have a 1.12 instalation of Mahara but need to upgrade it to 1.4 moving all the data accross. I have tried the basic /admin/upgrade.php approach but this is not working. Is it possible to make such a large upgrade?

   I am fixing the errors with Collation but wondered if anything else may cause problems.



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23 August 2011, 16:57


It should be possible to do use admin/upgrade.php to go from 1.1 to 1.4, after you've fixed the collation.  If your upgrade is failing, you should get error messages displayed on the screen or in the webserver log.


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25 August 2011, 6:40

Thanks Richard,

     Just doing final tests but the upgrade went well.

     If anybody else is doing this, these are the steps I followed:

1.      Downloaded the database into a sql format and then do a string replace on the db replacing lating with utf8 I also had to add the string COLLATE=utf8_bin after the CHARSET=utf8 declaration. I used wordpad for this.

  2.   Then create a empty db with a utf8 collation and upload the data to it. Then I moved the files across and it asked me to upgrade. If this does not appear check permissions and the config.php.

   3.   I got some errors during the upgrade relating to artefact_file_file and artefact_images tables. So I deleted them from the original SQL file and repeated step 2. This will create the two tables in the Mahara 4 format but with no data.

  4. I downloaded the artefact tables seperately from the original install and just got the data into a format to where it could be uploaded into the new Mahara 4 tables, the fields are the same the way the keys were done between 1 and 4 were causing the problems.

  I used php my admin for the mysql dumps but its just as easy from the command line.




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