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Displaying images from Files in a Page's description

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18 August 2011, 19:30

Hi, a user has tried to upload an image into her Files area, take the URL and embed the image in the description of her Page. She can see this fine when she goes to look at the Page, and so can other logged-in users. But anyone coming to see this Page from the Internet (Public access or secret URL) don't get to see the image. Is there a good reason for this? Is it just because there are no access options for a Page's description?

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31 August 2011, 20:38

For the image to be publicly accessible, it needs to be in a publicly accessible page as a proper image (in a real image block).

So a work-around would be to:

1- create a new page

2- add an image block to it and choose the right image

3- copy the URL to that image

4- make that page publicly accessible

5- add the URL from #3 to the description of the other page

There is a bug open to make this easier:



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