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Add Profile Info to header

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16 August 2011, 1:48 AM

Hi all,

I am modifying in the header block right now and want to provide username and user icon (profile picture) in the block, instead of the sideblock. I tried to use  the sideblock profile template coding in the header template(\mahara\theme\raw\templates\header\topright.tpl), but it is not showing the username. It is showing the default user icon instead of the perticular logged in user icon in the header, from the codes which I have used from the file profile.tpl from \mahara\theme\raw\templates\sideblocks directory.
Am I applying a wrong method or logic or I am missing something to add?

As well as, I am working on modifying the sideblock like it should view above the footer on the page and whole horizontal area can be used for mahara site. Any suggestion?

Thanks in advance for reply..



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