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Mahara repository for Moodle 2.x

07 July 2011, 2:24

During development of Moodle 2.0 specifications we saw that using Mahara (ePortfolio) with Moodle will be twofold. First it will be possible to send content from Moodle to Mahara, and second use Mahara as a repository. Even more we spoke on Moodle's forums about features giving the ability to submit a Mahara page to assessment into Moodle.

With Moodle 2.0 we got the Portfolio plugin, which effectively gives the opportunity to save users stuff into Mahara, and it is working well.

But the Mahara Repository pluginĀ  is still on hold in the Moolde tracker.

Thanks to third party development, it is possible with Moodle 1.9 and Mahara to send a Mahara Page to Moodle for assessment and see the achieved outcomes and comments sent back to Mahara for display. This development doesn't work in Moodle 2.x

Therefore, in every conference I go, the Moodle 2.0 repository feature for Mahara is a plebiscite. I, as others, was expecting seeing this coming with Moodle 2.1 but the tracker says this is still "unresolved".

To help a better Mahoodle communication; I kindly request everyone interested by a better integration to go to the tracker and vote for this repository feature and maybe we will see this in the next Moodle version (2.2 due for the end of the year).

Go here :

and vote for this feature.

I have posted the same demand on Moodle forum with some responses: critics (do it yourself or pay for it from Tim Hunt) support and interest (Daniel Methot, Kristina Hoppener, Julian Ridden, Nicolas Martignoni, Sigi Jackob, Heinz Krettek,...).

The vote is not a garantee the feature will be developped, but it is a strong indicator that show the level of interest given by the community.

If we (the Moodle and Mahara communities) point out the importance and need for such feature, there will later come a time where we could discuss and find solution to see it funded and developped.

Thank you


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