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05 July 2011, 7:41 PM

Good news!

The New Zealand Ministry of Education recently funded a Māori translation of Mahara 1.4, and as part of that project, we also got to write some scripts to convert any Mahara php language pack to a single file in .po format (and back again).

That means we're now able to host translations on Launchpad, keep the English strings automatically updated from the main code branches, and automatically convert any translations back to php language pack tarballs for users to download from

There's currently a separate Launchpad project just for Mahara translation here:

It's already got two new translations (Māori and Greek), and Guttorm Hveem agreed to be a guinea pig, so the Norwegian translation has now been migrated to launchpad from the old gitorious repository.  I'll also be moving Czech, Hebrew and Italian in the next couple of days.


So any existing translation can now be moved to launchpad.  Current maintainers can just email me ([email protected]) with the launchpad usernames of everyone who needs to be able to edit the translation.

You'll also have to agree to have your translation made available under the BSD licence.

I'll then do a one-off import of the translation into launchpad, and soon after that, change the script to update the tarball from launchpad instead of gitorious.

Translating from .po files

If you don't want to translate on launchpad, but you would prefer to maintain your translation in a single .po file rather than a zillion scattered php and html files, you can do that too.  I'll just email you a one-off conversion of the existing language pack.  You should then check it over and push the file to your existing gitorious repository as 'mahara/xx.po', where xx is the two-letter language code.  If that file exists in the repository, the tarball-generating script will use it and ignore everything else, so you can delete everything apart from the mahara folder (artefact, blocktype, lang, etc.).

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06 July 2011, 4:25 AM

Hi Richard,

Please move Dutch (nl) to Launchpad too;

Launchpad Id: koen-roggemans
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01 August 2011, 2:16 AM


I have translated mahara langpack 1.4.0 into Korean.

I will translate mahara as you posted.

I agree on the migration.Thanks.

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