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01 July 2011, 9:22

Hi I was wondering if there is a way of keeping tabs on a user's time spent on the Mahara site, as we want to see what our users are doing when logging on and how long they are doing it for.

01 July 2011, 13:15

Dear David,

Please read some articles and/or books about ePortfolio and then rethink about your proposition.



For exemple :

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01 July 2011, 14:37


I hope all the mentioned literature calls for privacy of the portfolio and the ONLY the user decides what to show to others?



01 July 2011, 16:00

You got it. Yes.

A portfolio is not a VLE. A portfolio is a special place for students to keep whatever they want, and sometimes doing this regarding skills they have to prove or make assessed by others (peers, teachers, mentors, institutions, ...); the latest having access only if and when students decide it.

I know it is difficult for teachers to offer a place where students are free and not controlled or observed.

Moreover there is only too few articles or literature on the study of "traces" in VLE or in eLearning in general. Most platforms offer to trace students' activity, but to do what? My experience in teaching colleagues about eLearning is, they use traces for control rarely for improving learning.

Having control on VLE, maybe; in portfolio certainly not.


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01 July 2011, 18:26


dajan is right, the theory behind the ePortfolio is that it is the learners portfolio of work and it is theirs to give out to people.

Very difficult for educational institutions to accept this philosophy I think though?

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05 September 2011, 17:34

I understand all of the arguments posed above, but some students on bursaries are required to show that they spend X hours of study during the period of their course. This can easily be measured by hours of attendance in a class, but as courses move to a blended model - some institutions are looking to record time spend online.

Now, you could argue around the issues of recording time spent online (e.g. logon, go watch a soap, come back to the PC), but (some) institutions still need to show the auditors something.

So, going back to the original question - does anyone know of an existing solution (or could propose one) whereby we could log the amount of time spent on the portfolio?

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05 September 2011, 18:34

Mahoodle would be the best option with single signin. The log would then be in Moodle.

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