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1.4 & the MyLearning plugin

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24 June 2011, 9:05 AM

Dear all,

I'm new to Mahara & this My Learning plugin.  I've just installed  the mylearning plugin in mahara 1.4.0.

The install went as instructed at:

howver the 'my learning' link is not showing in menu, but I can view & save survey results by calling: artefact/learning/

i've run out of time right now, but if someone could tell me the path that displays the pie chart results i'll look into this further & feedback

kind regards


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24 June 2011, 11:08 AM

pie chart results are displayed through views and the my learning blocktype when editing a view.

Maybe someone else can let you know how to add mylearning back into the 1.4 navigation. MyLearning probably needs an upgrade to 1.4?

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24 June 2011, 12:58 PM

You're right - MyLearning needs to be upgraded to 1.4.

Didn't have the time to do it (and also didn't want do do it) - MyLearning will be replaced with plugin for creating/using custom surveys. It's in beta stage now. I hope that initial release will be out in couple of weeks.

If it will take longer, I will upgrade MyLearning to 1.4.


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27 June 2011, 4:34 AM

Re: plugin for creating/using custom surveys

Is there any plan to add some kind of micro format  or semantic markup like RDF, open graph etc to the results of this custom surveys plugin? It could be useful to link users across mahara installations (schools/colleges)? I'm thinking users might be able to search on the web for others with similar 'mylearning' profiles :-) for a bit of peer support.


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25 June 2011, 8:09 AM

Hi Jago

After upgrading our Mahara installation, containing My Learning, from 1.3 to 1.4, we added My Learning back onto the menubar by editing /artefact/learning/lib.php as follows

in public static function menu_items()


               'path' => 'profile/mylearning',

               'path' => 'content/mylearning',

You may also want to edit the appropriate strings in /artefact/learning/lang/en.utf8/artefact.learning.php to read 'Learning' rather than 'My Learning' (or the equivalent for other languages) to fit with the new menubar conventions.

Not fully tested this, but if you can't wait for Gregor's update it may be worth a try.

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27 June 2011, 4:05 AM

Thanks Thomas,Gregor & Gefff,

Geoff's path change seems to do the trick & with Thomas's advice i've seen how to add charts to views.

FYI  - I 'm not sure when a user alters their question responses this is being updated in the flash charts although the HTML date changes.  

Gregor good to know of plans to replace with plugin for creating/using custom surveys.  Moodle are also looking to merge existing feedback/survey/questionnaire plugins in to one plugin in future.  I'm interested in  finding  standard ways to get mahoodle data such as mylearning results, back into moodle/block/ilp/  pages, but generally collecting, analysing & presenting useful data like this for the learner & teachers:  

I did some work for ArtsCouncil england about 8 years ago, & can sense that student learning style/MI information is still sporadically & under used in education if we want to maximise student potential...I came across Gregor's plugin on southdevons site & thought lots of schools/colleges could do with these charts on student profile/plp/preference pages.

all your support most appreciated.  Jago

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