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Mahara 1.4 has just been released

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13 June 2011, 23:57

After 9 months of development and bug fixing, we are proud to announce the final release of Mahara 1.4:

While this release has focussed on bug fixing and increasing the stability and security of this Open Source social e-portfolio platform, it also includes the following new features:

  • new Google Apps and Image Gallery blocks
  • star ratings with comments
  • easier page for sharing content with others
  • ability to add comments on file artefacts
  • support for SSL-based SMTP and LDAP servers
  • administration interace for mail server configuration
  • remote avatar (Gravatar) support for HTTPS sites

Other notable changes and bug fixes include:

  • "views" are now "pages" and "blogs" are now "journals"
  • lots of small changes to make the interface more consistent
  • pages can now display more than one embedded video at a time
  • added a fullscreen button to the internal video player
  • added spellchecker and undo button to the WYSIWYG editor
  • spam checks now also performed on forum posts
  • support for new Youtube Iframe embed code
  • optional site-wide maximum quota
  • working start/stop overrides on pages
  • removal of the obsolete and broken Solr search plugin
  • removal of the httpswwwroot setting
  • removal of the .htaccess file

See the full list of bug fixes (more than 200!) here:

How to install / upgrade

You can find instructions on how to install a new Mahara site or upgrade an existing one on our wiki:'s_Guide/Installing_Mahara's_Guide/Upgrading_Mahara

If you are looking for translations, have a look at this page:

End of security support for Mahara 1.2

As per our security policy, we only offer security support for the last two major releases of Mahara (1.3 and 1.4).

If you are running a 1.2 installation, make sure you upgrade to 1.4 now. On the other hand, if you are running 1.3, then you have until 1.5 is released to upgrade.

All site administrators running a supported version of Mahara are encouraged to subscribe to our security announcements:

Support and bugs

If you find any bugs in this new release, please feel free to use our bug tracker to report them:

And if you need help with anything, the support forum is the best place to ask your questions:


We would like to thank the following organisations for funding the features and bug fixes that have gone into Mahara 1.4:

and highlight all of the people who have contributed code to this release:

Developers with the most changesets
Richard Mansfield 389 50.8%
Ruslan Kabalin 87 11.4%
Francois Marier 66 8.6%
Hugh Davenport 35 4.6%
Evonne Cheung 34 4.4%
Darryl Hamilton 27 3.5%
Andrew Robert Nicols 26 3.4%
Sean Brennan 24 3.1%
Alan McNatty 18 2.3%
Melissa Draper 13 1.7%
Eugene Venter 11 1.4%
Rich Trott 9 1.2%
Piers Harding 6 0.8%
Evan Goldenberg 4 0.5%
Brett Wilkins 3 0.4%
Rick Findlater 3 0.4%
Adrian Schlegel 2 0.3%
Penny Leach 2 0.3%
Iñaki Arenaza 1 0.1%
Josh Corich 1 0.1%
Gregor Anželj 1 0.1%
Lars Anderson 1 0.1%
Matt Oquist 1 0.1%
Stacey Walker 1 0.1%
Antti Koskinen 1 0.1%

as well as the organisations they work for:

Top changeset contributors by employer
Catalyst IT 635 82.9%
Lancaster University Network Services 113 14.8%
University of California, San Francisco 9 1.2%
Liip 4 0.5%
Virtual Learning Academy Charter School 1 0.1%
Discendum 1 0.1%
Mondragon University 1 0.1%
Aalborg University 1 0.1%

and finally the most complete translations at the time of writing:

  • French (maintainers: Dominique-Alain Jan and Nicolas Martignoni)
  • German (maintainer: Heinz Krettek)
  • Japanese (maintainer: Mitsuhiro Yoshida)

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