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06 June 2011, 7:12

Considerations for future improvements

Cover Letter Field:

  • Currently the cover letter field comes first, however we think it would be best if it was to be the last section to fill in.
  • If somebody is using the cover letter feature to share with prospective employers – then each cover letter has to be personalized. That means the user would have to re-write it each time. We think it would be best if you could save multiple cover letters.

Goals Field:

  • It is not something we would associate with a CV, perhaps it’s better suited to the plans section. There the user can not only track the progress of activities, coursework, etc. But they could also track progress of goals. Perhaps these could be ticked off when reached.

Achievements Field:

  • Currently includes: certifications, accreditations, awards; books and publications; professional memberships. Speaking from a student point of view, you would struggle to find any who have managed to get a book published or are a member of union, etc.
  • The current format restricts the user from entering anything else outwith the selected parameters.
  • We would suggest to replace it with a free text box where user can input their own, personal achievements they wish to include. These can include certifications or course/work-related accomplishments or personal achievements e.g. captained school football team to a district championship.

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