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24 May 2011, 2:58

Hello I developed a plugin based on Basic LTI provides a single framework or standard way of integrating rich learning applications. 

For more information about Basic LTI you can go:

With that plugin you can integrate Mahara with Moodle, Sakai, OLAT, Blackboard.... and others elearning platforms

This plugins provides a single sign on, create groups, has an administrator configuration

I you think could be interesting I would be licensed as GPL


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24 May 2011, 20:49

Hi Antoni,


Would you be able to describe what you mean by the plugin creates groups?

Is it a different way to create groups, or a different interface?




Hugh Davenport

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25 May 2011, 5:17

Hi Hugh! the main idea of plugin is to create a "course" in Mahara. To do that the plugin maps the course as a new Group.

You can see this working is:

Using one of this users

teacher Teacher123* Teacher
student Student123* Student


Moodle is on Campusproject server and Mahara is on Learningapps server. Sourceforge has the hosting and this performance is to low. These 2 projects are promoted by Universitat Oberta de Catalunya (



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01 November 2012, 9:27

Hello, I'm just working on linking Moodle with Mahara and I really like the idea of using LTI instead of MNet.

However, I have many institutions on my Mahara site. Each one will need a different secret key. Is it possible to so with the plugin. From what I understand so far, you have to set the key in a config file not directly in Mahara.


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29 August 2013, 21:00

Hi Antoni:

Would it be possible to get your code to try it with a Blackboard system?


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