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New artefact plugin for Mahara - Case Notes (medical)

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11 March 2009, 19:20

Hi everyone. The University of Cambridge School of Clinical Medicine has contracted Catalyst to build a new artefact plugin for Mahara. Dubbed "The Problems & Conditions Interface", it will allow students to record case notes within Mahara, and categories them according by the type of problem or condition diagnosed.

Cambridge has kindly agreed to let us publish the functional spec, and carry out development in the open on, so that all may benefit from this work. I'm sure it will prove useful for Cambridge, and over time it has the potential to be very useful to other medical schools too.

The spec is available from the Plugin Dev group:

And the development will be carried out in a new git repository on;a=summary

Development hasn't begun yes, but should do shortly. Elliot Pahl will be doing the bulk of the work. It will be based off the master branch, as we need some new features that are coming in 1.2 to implement everything.

All thoughts and feedback on it are welcome! While we can't change the spec for the initial round of work, any ideas about how it could be extended in future would be most welcome Cool

And finally, I'd like to thank the University of Cambridge School of Clinical Medicine for allowing us to make the work available openly. We all know the Open Source way has great benefits, and it's wonderful to see that you share this belief SmileCool

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