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Long form writing options

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20 May 2011, 9:06 AM


My institution uses Mahara (in a Mahoodle ecology) for individual portfolios that present projects and permaculture designs. Many of our people like to use the 'book' resource from Moodle as a way of presenting long form essay like (with embedded graphics) materials. The left hand column of 'chapter headings' in the 'book' resource (allowing the reader to autonomously hop about in the book)  plus the capacity to edit individual pages at will are two of the features most often lauded.

Could this Moodle module be repeated in Mahara either by modifying the original code or by rewriting it for Mahara?

I have no programming experience myself (and would love to learn) - would this be a good project to cut my teeth on and is there anyone in this forum who would be a mentor for me?

Are there better solutions to the issue?





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