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Demo Plugin and tutorial

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11 May 2011, 23:05

To make up for the noise on the other post. Demo plugin

It adds this view on the page

roombadge preview

It extends on the one contributed by Gregor by showing how to add a configuration form. Users can change the color and the badge label. I was developed on the current stable release of Mahara 1.3.

As Kristina mentioned that the plan was to move to Mediawiki in the future, I wrote the associated tutorial on a wikibook. 

It describes the steps taken to write the plugin:

You can easily migrate it back to the Mahara wiki once the MediaWiki is set up. On the other hand, there was nothing about Mahara on wikibooks. That can be a good way to increase visibility to a large audience.

If there are errors, etc.  Anybody can register to wikibooks and start editing any page. Have a go. I have been using wikis for years. I really don't mind people directly editing the page. There is always the history button to revert to an older version if there is a problem. 

Or you can jump to the discussion tab on that page and add comments and questions. 


I also provided a template for the thumb.png image. Wikibook doesn't let you link to remote images. I had to upload the file on wikimedia and link to it. It was done under a share alike license. I hope this is okay. Let me know if you want to take it down and replace with something strictly of my own. 

thumb template for mahara

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