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10 March 2009, 0:45

I'm interesting in adding some additional functionality to my Mahara site but I'd prefer rather than simply hacking some existing code from another program into an additional artefact tab to actually create a plugin that shares core code etc.

I'm seeking to have an area which surveys a user inviting responses that vary between Y/N, 1to 5 scale to full text responses.  I am seeking to use this to assist a self assessment section of a Recognition of Prior Learning Process which we are required to undertake in the Australian VET system.    I have another GPL survey program I'd like to base my plugin on but I'm a bit in the dark as to the hooks into the program that I can use.

Is there any further documentation on blocktypes or indeed the whole structure of Mahara?  I believe that other users would gain value for this sort of plugin.





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11 March 2009, 1:34

Hi. Sadly, we don't have a good set of documentation right now, which is something we really should work on... for now though, if you have any specific questions, we can give you answers to those through the forums, or through the #mahara IRC channel on freenode.

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17 March 2009, 22:50

I too believe such documentation would be an excellent addition, for now we have only 'hacked' our way through adding functionality.
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