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LDAP Enrollment

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13 April 2011, 3:59

It is tiresome to create groups on Mahara and manually add the students to the group after making sure that all the students have logged in at least once. Since we are using LDAP authentication, I wrote a small code hack to allow you to create a group on Active Directory and add the students to the group. From Mahara side, create a group with the same name as that on Active Directory. Upon login, this code hack will check to which group the logged in user belongs to and adds him automatically. There are known issues that I didn’t include: 1- Removing the user from A.D. group does NOT remove him from Mahara 2- Creating the group on A.D. before being created on Mahara might give an error “Site Unavailable”. Make sure to create the group on Mahara first. Hope this plugin helps anyone who faces the same problem that we do :) amer
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