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need some help

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07 April 2011, 8:47 AM

On fresh instalation on SuSE 11.4 x64  I received that message :

:(   Could not execute command: CREATE TABLE ma_config ( field VARCHAR(255) NOT NULL, value TEXT, CONSTRAINT PRIMARY KEY (field) )ENGINE=innodb
Call stack (most recent first):
execute_sql("CREATE TABLE ma_config ( field VARCHAR(255) NO...", true) at /srv/www/htdocs/mahara-1.3.5/htdocs/lib/dml.php:1406
execute_sql_arr(array(size 223)) at /srv/www/htdocs/mahara-1.3.5/htdocs/lib/ddl.php:566
install_from_xmldb_file("/srv/www/htdocs/mahara-1.3.5/htdocs/lib/db/install...") at /srv/www/htdocs/mahara-1.3.5/htdocs/lib/upgrade.php:297
upgrade_core(object(stdClass)) at /srv/www/htdocs/mahara-1.3.5/htdocs/admin/upgrade.json.php:93

What sould be fix in that case?

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07 April 2011, 6:02 PM

Hi Oleg,

Are you sure you are installing Mahre into an empty database?

Does the database user you are using have permission to create new tables?



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09 April 2011, 5:16 AM

Hello Francois,

I had created an empty database with a password and user in phpmysql. After failed installation I checked the database and now there were 96 tables.

I did second try, deleted the database and again created an empty database with same name. Then proceeded with installation again and simultaneously watched the installation process and the database . After database reached 96 tables created I receive that message in installation :

:( Failed to get a recordset: mysql error: [1146: Table 'mahara.MA_config' doesn't exist] in adodb_throw(SELECT * FROM "MA_config" WHERE "field" = 'version' LIMIT 2, ) Command was: SELECT * FROM "MA_config" WHERE "field" = ? and values was (version)
Call stack (most recent first):
get_recordset_sql("SELECT * FROM "MA_config" WHERE "field" = ? ", array(size 1), 0, 2) at /srv/www/htdocs/mahara-1.3.5/htdocs/lib/dml.php:327
get_record_sql("SELECT * FROM "MA_config" WHERE "field" = ? ", array(size 1)) at /srv/www/htdocs/mahara-1.3.5/htdocs/lib/dml.php:309
get_record("config", "field", "version") at /srv/www/htdocs/mahara-1.3.5/htdocs/lib/mahara.php:757
set_config("version", 2010083114) at /srv/www/htdocs/mahara-1.3.5/htdocs/lib/upgrade.php:304
upgrade_core(object(stdClass)) at /srv/www/htdocs/mahara-1.3.5/htdocs/admin/upgrade.json.php:93

I have granted all rights to the user of the database and checked utf_general_ci in Collation.

I am ready to try other approach if it is gonna to help.

Thanks in advance.

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