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Reported database error installing v1.3.5

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31 March 2011, 7:55


OS:Linux (Ubuntu)

DB: Mysql5

Working version: 1.3.3

Trying to upgrade to version: 1.3.5

I have a symlink that points mahara to mahara-v1.3.3.  This version is working perfectly.  After installing v1.3.5 into mahara-v1.3.5 and doing all the usual backups I moved the symlink to directory mahara-v1.3.5.  I got a message saying that logins were disabled and that I should perform a database upgrade.  I thought this strange as during an earlier upgrade I remembered converting the whole DB to utf8.  Clicking on this 'perform database upgrade' gaves me the following message:

"A column of your database is using a collation that is not the same as the database default. Please ensure all columns use the same collation as the database."

I got this same message with an earlier upgrade (v1.3.1 to v1.3.3) which was resolved by changing all tables to:


So I do not know why I am getting this message now.  Re-pointing the symlink to mahara-v1.3.3 and all works fine again.  The config files are the same in both versions (I ran a diff to check).


Any ideas gratefully accepted.


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31 March 2011, 9:04

OK - I have a solution:

1) Make a backup of the database using mysqldump

2) Add the following lines to the beginning of the mysql dump file:

drop database mahara_dev;
create database mahara_dev character set UTF8;
use mahara_dev;

3) mysql -h <server-name> -u<username> -pxxxxxx < mahara_dev_dump_30-3-2011.sql

4) then remove the symlink from mahara-1.3.3 -> mahara and

5) ln -s mahara-1.3.5/ ./mahara

6) Refresh browser

IT WORKS !!!!!

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31 March 2011, 20:06

Thanks for that Adrian.

I have added your solution to the troubleshooting page on the wiki:



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11 May 2011, 5:54

Excuse me for my ignorant question, but how can I make a "backup of my database using mysql-dump" If I could not even get Mahara to the point where it makes any use of a database. The MySql-Dumnper just responds, that the database ist simply empty and therefor it is impossible to backup anything????

Since I have the same Problem, I would be glad to find some help to make Mahara recognize, that the database is already set to utf8 generel ci so that mahara would proceed installation.



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