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Linking to Web 2.0 tools frowned upon?

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05 March 2009, 11:01

From another thread I have read in this community, am I to take it  that although development work is underway to allow linkage/embedding of artefacts made in, say Glogster, Kerpoof or the like, it is deemed to be not a good idea to do this?  I ask because my pupils have made many such items which I've discovered cannot be linked to from within Mahara at the moment.

 I understand that there are security issues with using such sites that some people have raised, and still image screen captures don't always show the range of things a student has done on such a page - so what would people advice we do if we want to incorporate this within a students e-portfolio?


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05 March 2009, 12:15

Hi Drew,

greetings from Germany.

Nigel hast posted in a threat that he will find a way to modify the HTMLpurifier so that new Web2.0 tools could be integrated. Please mail him about your favorite tools and he will give it a try.

In the meantime it wolud be a solution to post the link to the web2.0 tools in a view textbox. A screenshot will give a short impression and clicking the linked pic shows the right product in the original side. 

I hope this idea  may help you Cool


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05 March 2009, 18:42

Hi - I don't think that linking to other sites' embedded content is a bad idea - just that we want to allow this in a way that doesn't risk the security of other users.

1.1 ships with a basic solution for this - we have a whitelist of allowed sites programmed into the HTML filter, with more able to be added with relative ease. This provides the necessary minimum level of security, and over time, should provide the usability that people want as more filters are added. It's still early days on that front however.

Adding filters does take a little bit of code, it's something that us core developers aren't focusing on right now (there is plenty of other work to keep us busy!), but if others work out the system and write them then I'm sure we could spare a few minutes to review them for security before adding them to Mahara.

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