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Large scale disk array implementation

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21 March 2011, 5:33 AM

We're planning for hardware for a very large scale implementation.  With the number of users and quotas we are looking at, the total size could take up to several PBs in the end.

As the data root requires to be a single mount point, this could be a challenge to expand even with SAN's  size limitation.  Does anyone have suggestions on this? 

One thing we're looking at is that It looks like most of the data would go into the /mahara data root/artefact/file/originals folder, is it possible to relocate them into multiple physical partitions so that it's easier for expansion?  The folders are numbered so I think they are indexed, any patterns that we can predict or create in advance so we can move them to multiple SANs?

Thanks for any comments in advance.

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