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18 August 2011, 19:26

It's possible that the problem is at the end for whatever it is you're trying to embed. Last week I had embeds from Xtranormal suddenly go missing (nothing showing up in the blocks in Mahara). I went to the site, tested there and found that it also wasn't displaying on their own site. So I reported it to them and it was all fixed up within 24 hours - the content came back to the blocks in Mahara.

Just a suggestion...

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19 August 2011, 13:30

Thank you for your reply.

I tested the URL at homepage. The URL receives a proper result that works. But the phenomenon you discribed is what happens in my mahara.

I hope there is a solution. I take your advice and report this to support

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20 August 2011, 4:42

the support is great! They responded immediately to my support ticked.
The problems have not been solved yet, but we are some steps along. now works with a personal key that has to be inserted in the lib.php of the mahara plugin to work. The key is generated by free registration at homepage. I've tested an Url with that key I have built and filled in my browser. That works pretty fine.

Nevertheless the plugin doesn't work. The support checked their logfiles. Although I tested the plugin several times with that key the logfiles at showed, that the api key never was used. So may be the URL generated by the plugin wasn't sent or the syntax lacks.

So I'm looking for further clues

Thanks to all who can tribute something to that bug in advance

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21 August 2011, 2:44

Can anybody provide more info about personal key... I wasn't aware, that you need one, to use

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23 August 2011, 13:55

New version of plugin available at

This version includes support for user's API key, thanks to Conrad Lienhardt and Sean Creeley ( support).


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24 August 2011, 4:37

The URL in previous post is wrong. The correct URL is

HTH, Gregor

15 September 2011, 8:07


This plugin is really fine (sort of swiss knife)

I'd like to know if it's possible to add the API key in a config files or else where, so not every body using Mahara needs an API key (1 for the whole site could be sufficient).



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16 September 2011, 2:07

I was in contact with developers of and they told me, that each user should have/provide their own API key... so I'm not sure.

From technical point of view it shouldn't be too difficult to add support for site-wide API key.


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16 September 2011, 3:11

Check the latest version at

The site-wide API key can be set in Administration > Extensions > Config (link beside embedly blocktype)

If the site-wide API key is set, than the users won't need to provide their API keys, otherwise (if the site-wide API key isn't set) they will still be able to provide own keys...


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16 September 2011, 6:56


I installed the updated version onto Mahara 1.4 and tested with a twitpic file. However, when I add a height/width to the picture it stays at the same size (if I link to my profile page in Twitpic it pulls through my profile pic as the right size but again resizing does nothing, whereas linking to a specific pic it goes way of the side of the screen).

Is this a bug, or something I've done wrong?