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Mahara for teacher's professional development

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02 March 2011, 3:27

Hi everyone,

I was thinking using Mahara for our staff professional development. I found the similar post here,, but it is focused on using e-portfolio.

I'd like to use Mahara for general professional development.

Can we discuss about it here? Any ideas, thoughts and comments are welcome.

16 March 2011, 16:02

Hi Shinichi,

It's definitely a possibilty.  Were you thinking of creating a group for that purpose?  Would staff access it as members?  What would be the key functionailty you would need?

Sorry for all the questions, just want to understand your vision for this (what it might look like and how it might work).


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13 May 2011, 16:44

Hi At Hunter TAFE in NSW Australia, we are using Mahara for teachers' staff development. We have started by using it as a tool to gather evidence for their upgraded teaching qualifications in a recognition process. By engaging staff in this way, we hope that they will use it in their practice. Included with this SD program is allocation of mentors who provide feedback as views develop via Blog comment and view feedback.
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10 January 2012, 5:40

Hi Shinichi:

I saw an excellent demo on using Mahara for TT at a Mahara conference in the UK last year (run by Yeovil College).  As a consequence, I used a similar idea in the webinars that I do on Mahara for Remote Learner.  In the UK, teachers have 33 standards (competencies) they need to meet in order to get the QTS (Qualified Teacher Status).  I got the definitions of the 33 standards from the UK government web site and made them into Mahara pages, then built all of them into a view.  This view can then be shared by the admin as a template which the trainee teachers can import and re-name for themselves.  They then add their reflections and lesson plans etc as evidence.  You then have school based mentors and university tutors see the work as part of their training and they can give direct feeback in the pages.  For assessment, I tie it in to Moodle with the assignment module.

Is that the sort of thing you envisioned?



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03 February 2012, 4:59

Hello Paul,

Is there anywhere we could have a look of your work (pdf, screencopy, or access to the pages), it seems to me this would be a nice example to promote during conferences on Mahara.

What do you think?



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03 February 2012, 14:28

Can you contact me from in here via my wall or email and I will sort out the details.  I would put them here but might get spammed to death.  I am more than happy to share what I have, though most of the really good stuff is in my internal work portfolio which I can't really share, but I do transfer that to my various portfolios I use for my on-going webinars that I do for Remote Learner.

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