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20 February 2011, 14:46


One thing that I think is critical for my e-portfolio is an integrated blog. From this, I really would like the ability to categorize blog enteries, or tag blog entries. I would like to have a vibrant blog with (at least) a small community of visitors. In order for a blog to be user friendly, the users require some way of navigation.

Is it possible to have categories for blog entries? Or, in terms of tags is it possible for a public view to see a tag cloud that is restricted to items that are related to only the public view?

Finally, I haven't been able to find out how to add a tag cloud to a view. Can anyone help with this?



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13 March 2011, 23:37

Hi Doug, I have commented on similar posts before I think, but I think it is worth revisiting. If you want a blog, with a community, I think it is better to use one (blogger, wordpress, posteroous etc) and RSS it into a view. That way you have all the features you mention. 

Cheers, Ian

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