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Mahara 1.1.0rc2 Released

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23 February 2009, 1:07

It seems that one RC wasn't enough, so RC2 has been released with a few bugfixes. The "Register your Mahara" receiver is now working on too, so that functionality should work now.

If there are no more problems (fingers crossed!), then 1.1.0 should be released on Thursday.

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23 February 2009, 7:03

I have just merged the recent changes of Mahara master branch into the adminlang tree. Translators using the adminlang tree should update their clones.
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23 February 2009, 18:20

Finally I have managed to prepare and push new branch "adminlang-1.1" tracking the upstream branch "1.1_STABLE". Many thanks to Penny and Nigel for their help with git procedures.

During this, I found some mistakes in commits at the branch "adminlang" tracking the upstream "master". I forced Nigel to do an exception and allow me to rewrite the adminlang tree history. I rebased my modifications so you will probably have to force git to pull non-forward changes (use "git pull --force ...").

I am sorry for this - adminlang is my first project run on git and I am still learning it. Thanks for your patience and understanding.

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23 February 2009, 19:18

Ouch! That's goint to hurt (but not that much Wink)

I had already merged your adminlang branch with master locally (to bring in bugfixes and so on). It was almost trivial, as there was just an easy to fix merge conflict. It's a test setup to host the Basque translation but there's no one else using it at the moment, so no real trouble with it.

Anyway, it'll make for a nice experiment :-)

[Edit: it's been really easy. 'git remote update && git merge mahara/master' have taken care of all of it without a hiccup Cool)


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25 February 2009, 12:46

Hi Nigel,

This is great news, how is it going now, still on track to release this week?


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25 February 2009, 16:40

Yes, I'm doing after I have my breakfast, which I am eating right now Wink
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25 February 2009, 17:37

Have a good breakfast!

I'a having problem on my 1.09 on LDAP setting. No link to open the setting page. So, I cannot do any LDAP user group. Luckly, I can use my Moodle to manage the login. But, it will be good the LDAP can be setup inside Mahara.

Looking fowards to the new version.Cool

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