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Language translation. Can't find where to change

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14 February 2011, 2:39 AM

I'm translating Mahara 1.3.3 to Lithuanian language and I' having some problems.

I found that some main menu items are translated in /lang/mahara.php file:

// menu
$string['home']        = 'Home';
$string['myportfolio'] = 'My Portfolio';
$string['groups']             = 'Groups';

But menu is: Home   Profile   My Portfolio    Groups.

So where I can translate menu item name 'Profile' ?

Also in front page there is items: Latest Views, Recent Activity, Topic's I'm Following. Where I can translate these items?



14 February 2011, 3:56 AM

Hello Marius,

The dashboard (aka frontpage) view's strings are in "mahara.php"

  • $string['recentactivity']   near line 903
  • $string['topicsimfollowing'] near line 906
  • $string['home']   near line 469
  • $string['myportfolio']  near line 470
  • $string['groups'  near line 475

Latests views is in "blocktype.newviews.php

  • $string['title']  near line 31

Profile i in "artefact.internal.php"

  • $string['profile']  near line 34


Some of these strings are stored into the database when a new user is created (see discussion here

If strings will be right in your language for new users, they will remain in English for users already in your database before you have selected your local language.

You can off course edit the database to change all already created strings into your language for each old user (it is what I had to do with my mahara in French in my institution).




14 February 2011, 4:04 AM

By the way, the table you have to edit is "view" and field in which are stored the strings (e.g. Recent activity, Topics' I am following) is 'description'


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15 February 2011, 1:12 AM


thanks for reply.

Now in Mahara 1.3.3 it's actually "block_instance" table. There is Recent activity, Topics, latest views, etc.


But I'm still having problem with "Profile" in main menu.

I have lt.utf8/artefact.internal.php and I translated $string['myprofile'] to my language but I'm still getting it named "Profile"...

Any ideas where to change it in database?


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