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Detailed Logs of Student Activity

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02 February 2011, 13:12

I am new to Mahara and have been working on a setup for integration with our school systems Moodle. I am getting questions from our technology department on the logging ability for Mahara. So far I don't see detailed logs of user actions or messages. Does Mahara have the logging ability so we can use it for cyberbullying or misuse cases?

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08 November 2011, 15:29

This was a concern we asked about as well as we were setting up mahara.  Moodle was fine for checking logs, and even accessing mahara from moodle we can't track usage.  The asnwer seems to be no.  If someone else can cast further light on monitoring usage (cyberbullying is a key issue, but alos general evaluation of usage) would be a really useful feature for administrators. 

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08 November 2011, 20:45

Mahara is largely community moitored. Any user can flag questionable content which will notify a site administrator who canthen choose to follow up with the report.

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09 November 2011, 1:12

Adam - with later versions of Mahara from the one we have,  if you are an administrator it is possible to get limited logs such as most popular views, groups, most popular block types etc. However, as an inistution (school) administrator I don't  know if we would get to see those statistics for our insitutions (schools) Could anyone confirm or deny before I go off and test it out?

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