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GUI Translation tool has been updated to Mahara 1.3

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19 January 2011, 17:28

This is just an update that David's GUI translation tool has been updated to Mahara 1.3 stable, wiki documentaion has been updated accordingly as well. As David's great translation interface has been proven useful, I hope this will attract more people to work on Mahara 1.3 translation. Thanks everyone who already does translation for Mahara and who is considering to start doing it ;)

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20 January 2011, 2:07

Nice! Thanks a lot for that!

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20 January 2011, 10:26

Just for the record - I just asked Ruslan to take over patch-adminlang.git maintanence and luckily he agreed :-) Sorry I do not have enough time to look after it at the moment. I still hope I may find some soon to try and adopt AMOS (a tool used for Moodle translation) so that it can be used for Mahara, too. Meanwhile, the adminlang is in good hands.

"When you lose interest in a program, your last duty to it is to hand it off to a competent successor." --Eric S. Raymond, The Cathedral and the Bazaar

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21 January 2011, 17:30

Thanks a lot David! Indeed, using AMOS for Mahara in the future will definitely be beneficial and make translation work more flexible and collaborative. Adminlang, however, is a good intermediate solution I will be happy to look after Wink

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27 January 2011, 13:42

I have just pushed a beta version of adminlang-1.3 which adds support to also translate help files from adminlang's interface.

It's a beta version in that "It works for me(tm)" and that my Javascript skills are nearly zero. So I've just copied & pasted the code and done the minimum required tweaks here and there to make it work. Someone more knowledgeable than me could refactor it neatly :-)

I've pushed it to git:// in case someone else wants to try it before I bother Ruslan with merge requests :-)


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28 January 2011, 4:41

Hello Iñaki. Can you imagine - I was thinking last week about extending adminlang with helpfiles change functionality and you have just done that. Thanks a lot! I will definitely have a look at your code. Also I will add a master branch to patch-adminlang.git where all testing features will go.

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31 October 2011, 3:47


I would like to start out with the Swedish translation. I am a bit unfamiliar with the workflow. Can I still use the GUI Translation tool?

BR / Jonas

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31 October 2011, 5:17

Yes. Thanks Ruslan for updating the adminlang patch for Mahara 1.4.

To be honest, the Czech development team tried the Launch Pad interface for a while but then they gave up and returned to using adminlang.

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31 October 2011, 6:59

No problem, David Wink

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31 October 2011, 7:18

Hello Jonas,

There are basically two methods of translating Mahara, the one is using GUI Translation tool, another one is using Launchpad. You may find more documentation on the wiki.

The primary advantage of Launchpad translation tool is that it has the globally accessible web interface (which is not great in fact) and simplier to use for non-experienced people. The similar to GUI Translation tool functionality can be reached by using a local PO-files editor, so that you download .po file with your language from launchpad, edit on your PC (using poedit for instance) and then upload it back.

With GUI Translation tool, if you wish to share your language pack, you will need to keep it on git repositary. The automatically created language packs listed on can either be created from git repo or lunchpad projec, but not both. So, the choice how to create and maintain language pack is yours :)) You may try both and stick to the most convinient for you.

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