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11 January 2011, 4:14

Hello Everyone:

There is a service called Janrain ( it allows single sign on services from many providers, I am looking for a talented developer to build an authentication plug-in to make this plug-in work according to Mahara code rule.

I am a developer myself, so I went through this service it is very easy to use and program. I even wrote some code that made Mahara function with it, but this code did not match the rules of code in Mahara also I didn't use the Mahara API very effectively because I am new in it. (I am made my code basing on XMLRPC)

Therefore, I am looking for a talented developer to build this authentication plug-in I will fund this developer, my only constrain is that it should utilize the full capabilities of Jan rain Engage and it must be written according to Mahara code rule, so we can share it the amazing people who created this system.

I have already defined a task on vworker

If you are not comfortable with this website please add me to Skype and we can talk about arraignments we can make it make this plug-in happen my Skype is moh2001boss



Mohammad Abu Musa

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