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URL forwarding

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17 February 2009, 17:30

Just fowllow up the old discussion at http://mahara/node/292.

Our staff dislike the long url to be added into their email signature. 

Or which other script we can use? 

Hi William,

Just had a meeting with Visual Arts PG staff -and we wondered if it is possible with the new URLs for our Research profiles if they could be simple, i.e. without all fiddle (as in ...mod/data/view.php?d=15&rid=853)
We would like for the URL to include our names as well.
Thanks, Mon


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17 February 2009, 19:00

Hi - Mahara still doesn't have a dispatcher, so the URLs are still messy, even in 1.1.

And I still don't personally know of any scripts, though I know allows you to specify a name for URLs you make now.

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