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21 December 2010, 16:23

Hi translators and developers,

I finally finished translating the Mahara 1.3 branch today. The reason why I didn't start earlier is because I couldn't find David's nice translation interface for the 1.3 branch and was a little bit stuck without it.  So I hope with this post to help other en to invite others to post their work flow (and hopefully I learn an easier way ;-))

So a few days ago, I managed to find some time to think about it again, and came up with the idea to do it with David's tool, but with the 1.3 English language pack in a 1.2 installation.

I did that by running ls -R -p|grep "./en.utf8" on a checkout of Mahara 1.3 and then with merging software (Meld) comparing  the extracted paths from the adminlang 1.2 version and the 1.3 English language files. This way, I could remove the unused strings and add the strings for 1.3 in my 1.2 installation with langauge editor. After the swap, I could use the 1.2 installation for translation of the 1.3 files.

It seemed like quite some trouble to get up and running, but David's interface makes the translation work really smooth an easy. I hope one day it gets incorporated in the standard Mahara.

Thanks for developing another nice and smooth running Mahara version - looking forward for the next one.

Translators, please post your working methods.

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19 January 2011, 17:30

Hi Koen, David's translation interface has been updated to 1.3, see this post for details.

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